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2010 november 
Princess Nuriko

My first game for Google Android Mobile Phones.
An accessible, turnbased puzzle game combined with some 3D ideas:

Ever helped a princess in the far east? Here is your chance!

Princess Nuriko is a puzzle game with similarities to Sudoku, Minesweeper and Picross.
Play carefully designed nurikabe puzzles from easy to hard.
Finish each puzzle to see tiny farmer-villages grow in 3D.

Download demo with 16 levels for free from Android Market:

Buy full game with 81 levels from Android Market:

This is the map screen where the game starts. select a level to play it.

A new level, just started to think about its possible solution...

Found some clues, solved it nearly completely...

Just for fun: Watching the current progress in 3D...

Level completed!

Tutorial starts quite easy :-)

Solved another level...

Once upon a time ... games had story-screens!

Find both demo and buyable full version of the game via this Android Market search!

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