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     My name is Daniel Renkel. I passionately create indie games. Please read my blog, view my portfolio and my panoramas.
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daniel renkel I'm an independent game developer. Especially a programmer, a technical artist and also designer of some sort.

I released these games for Android: Princess Nuriko, Excit, Afternoon World Trip, the small Amber Dungeon and the early prototype version of Silent Totems.

I also released a very nice live wallpaper for Android: Artisan

You can find & follow me on twitter, read my blog or send me an email.

Currently I work two and a half days per week at VEGA Darmstadt, where i develop space and helicopter simulations, while two days a week i develop my games at Ludocrazy.

My past includes five years at the now defunct Massive Development where i worked on Aquanox:Angels Tears (PS2, mostly on GUI and FX), also on Aquamark3, Aquanox2 and Aquanox.
I also worked on many smaller projects at Rocket Science Games and Zeal.

I was born 1980 as a leo. Graduated 2000 from school with special focus on art and math. I also hold a degree in computer science and currently live near Frankfurt, Germany.

I only published a few thoughts on games in the following articles at:

One of my major hobbies is gardening, if you like it too, mail me and i can show you some pictures of my plants, trees and flowers :)

Music that i enjoy can be found on my youtube account:
Energetic Electro (when working with graphics),
Slow Trip Hop Jazz (when programming) and more Nice Music.

If you are looking for a music composer i highly recommend
Yann van der Cruyssen and Daniel Altena.

And last but not least i would be happy if you want to get in
contact via:

Daniel Renkel, Gutermuthstr. 21, 64347 Griesheim, Germany.

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