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2012 - 2008 

Unfinished: Whenever i was anoyed doing whatever i needed to do, i toyed a little bit with this 3d game prototype. In one of the next years i hope to create a full game with it.

2011 Feb. - improvements
added multithreading to enable ont he fly creation of zones, improved shading visual results and vastly improved raycaster performance, with memory layout cleanup improved possible viewing distance.
after another year has passed i continued to work on my "squareworld" prototype (from 2008). i have a new gameplay idea and am currently implementing whats necessary for that. this alpha preview video shows a nearly unlimited world dynamically generated as you run across it. gameplay: collect the (orange) ghosts one after another trying to reach the next one before your time (top left) runs out. pickups: money = silver/gold/crystal, bonus time = green, loose time = red (hint: audio is only mono in this video, as adobe premiere was having trouble properly rendering stereo (right channel was completely mute) and i and adobe support still have trouble figuring out why)
a short sample of my realtime cloud simulation. i'm running it using an old version of irrlicht 3d engine but the cloud system is 3d engine independent. the simulation creates size independent cloud systems (think of boxes) in which clouds can move, a game world can then have multiple systems that are only rendered when their bounding box is visible. the rendering is done via the 3d engines main thread, while the cloud simulation of the multiple systems is done in one simulation thread that manages the simulation of all cloud systems.

on my core i7 870 + gtx 470 (bought 2010) these are the stats:
-simulating one (medium sized) cloud system for one iteration step: ~15ms
-updating the render data: less than 1ms
-rendering in 1280x720 (camera outside of clouds): 1500+ fps
-rendering in 1280x720 (cemera inside of clouds, lots of overdraw): 800fps

i wrote this tech demo in one week (60+ hours) to celebrate the start of my 9 1/2 weeks game development only time (yay, away from my dayjob!).

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