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2011 september 
Excit for Android

Escape the spreadsheet chaos!
In Excit you are a poor clerk that has to repair his companies broken spreadsheets.
Find a way through the labyrinth and untangle the scrambled formulas.

Excit already has over two million plays and is now available on Android Phones
(already runs on older Android 2.1 and newer Android versions).

Download demo with 25 levels for free from Android Market:

Buy full game with 90 levels from Android Market:

Excit until now had one level after another. Now on Android you can choose your path on the map. You will never be stuck with to hard levels!

Excit for Android for the first time features   all 90 Levels of the two predecessors.

Stars show the difficulty of the levels - Medals show how well you played. See your progress through the game, simply play through all levels or try to master every bit.

Excit allows for a versatile puzzling experience: Either simply get into the green exit, or try to find as much as possible of the formula piles before exiting.

Find out which doors need to be opened, collect enough keys to do so.

Fly through teleporters to reach distant areas.

Excit for Android - playing 14 out of 91levels.

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