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2012 april 
Aludra QSS

Working on my next android game: turnbased strategy, abstractly space themed, very short playtimes. Thus QSS - quick space strategy . Tell me what you think about it!

main menu: select which map to play

in this easy level, -the enlightened- race has nearly won

how to play Aludra - qss

  • aludra is ment to be a quick space stragey game, it's turnbased.
    • conquer the whole map to win (conquer all colonies, destroy all enemy ships)
    • you can move ships, fight enemies, conquer colonies, research.
    • click a ship to see where it can move, click where it should move. all ships can always only move 1 field per turn.
    • click "NEXT TURN" for the ai to make its move, then it's your turn again
  • conquer empty fields (they become part of your area) to earn 1 science point per turn per field
    • dark space is impassable, until you research the anti-drive ships must move arround it
    • after a few turns, you have accumulated science points and can buy research. to do that enter the the SCIENCE menu and touch a research you can afford (available = non red).
  • merge ships by moving them together onto one field.
    • you start with small level 1 ships, when you move two level 1 ships together you get 1 level 2 ship.
    • you start with max level 3, no further level can be reached. research higher levels to become stronger ships.
  • conquer colonies (unclaimed ones or take them from the enemy) in order to produce new ships there.
    • each turn 1 production point is shown on a colony, when max is reached (initialy 6 turns) a new level 1 ship is build on the colony, and production starts again.
    • if you produce a new level 1 ship and already a ship is on the colony, they will merge as if you merged them manually.
  • attack an enemy ship by moving onto it, you can see its strength by the small stars below the ship. the battle is luck based, each star means 3 potential points that can randomly be happening. there are darker stars, that mean the minimum strength a ship has, while the lighter stars display what can randomly be reached.
    • in detail, battle works this way:
      • a level N ship gets N battle points + N dice5 throws + M weapontech points.
      • so if you have a level 3 ship and researched 4 weapon tech points, the ship will go into battle with a minimum of 3+4+3*1=11 points and a randomly reachable maximum of 3+4+3*5=22 points.
      • it would be totaly save to attack a level 1 ship with 2 weapon tech points (as the ships potential max 1+2+1*5=8 is always lower than your minimum).
  • researches that need explanation:
    • anti drive - allows to move into the previously unpassable dark space regions
    • teleportation - allows small level ships to be moved from colonies to colonies
    • science boost - hold for half second on a colony to disable its production and enable the colony to add 3 (or later 6) research points per turn

science screen: spend science points to level up

screenshot from the game - i am very pleased with the games visual style, hopefully i'm not alone with that opinion

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