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2013 july 
Artisan - Live Wallpaper

Watch while Artisan draws paintings. Enjoy the brush strokes while they appear, be puzzled what the outcome will be.

Change settings to see the painting appear quickly in just a minute, or slowly in days. Just as much time as a real painter would need.

Setup strange colors or a naturalistic look. Experiment!

Download FREE Live Wallpaper with 15 paintings from Android Market:

2013 July - A few paintings from Artisan
I am very happy to finally release my new product: a Live Wallpaper for Android.

One of my hobbies is enjoying this unique Android feature: a wallpaper that moves and changes over time. Whenever i activate my tablet, i watch for a short moment, meditating over the shapes and colors. When i use my smartphone, the Live Wallpaper makes me smile.

So i decided to make my own. I had this old idea for an Adventure Game Engine titled PaintVenture, where not only playing the game but watching the Pictures was core of the game. Looking back, it just waited for me to create a Live Wallpaper from it.

I prepare images and configurations for my tool chain, then the adventure engine uses brush strokes to mimick images. The result is a drawing process from which the painting emerges as if a painter would do it manually, just much more quicker. Just as if one would watch an Open Canvas recording.

Playing back this drawing process on the Android feels unique to me. Sitting in front of my PC screen is nice, but having it somewhere comfy, allows me to change the settings and play it back really slow. Meditating over an hour until the drawing finally appears - or watching it together with my girlfriend, appearing in less than a minute, puzzling which of the images it is. 'The duck', 'No', 'The castle ... maybe' , 'I think it must be!',

Take a look at the short trailer, but better just try out the Live Wallpaper from Android Market for free.

If you like what you see, you can support my work by using in app purchases with more paintings in different topics. In the future I'd like to extend the available sets of paintings with even more topics. Stay tuned :)

PS: i thought about the idea that people might be interested in having their own images used as Artisan paintings. Interested? Shoot me an email!

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