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2015 april 
Panoramas Valencia Fallas

I visited the famous Fallas festival in Valencia, Spain. Burning hundreds of carefully made statues. Incredible!
2014 september 

I used the train (german: Zug) to travel from Luzern to Zug (boths cities in Switzerland). It was so greatly removeled for kids, i've never seen something like that before. wonderful! The other two panoramas where done in Zug, with view on the lake Zug. Lovely!
2014 may 
Isla Mallorca

Sadly we had only time for one week on european Isla Mallorca this time, but we did many trips with perfect weather, so i was able to shoot great panoramas.
2014 january 
Goa, third time

My third trip to Goa, India. This tiny beach village in Southern Goa is so calm and empty. It's absolutely blissful!
2013 august 
German Kula Celebration

Once again enjoyed doing acro-yoga and acrobatics classes at the german kula. this time at the Castle Lohra.
2013 july 
triniyoga puja

Denise yoga studio "triniyoga" moved to new rooms, thus a puja was celebrated.
2013 june 
Gutermuth - New Home

We moved to our new home, and the roof-terrace allows great cloud panoramas. And additionally i can expand my gardening hobby!
2012 may 
Hermannshof garden Weinheim

A few panoramas i took in the Hermannshof garden in Weinheim while taking pictures of flowers and plants for my newest game.
2012 march 
Panoramas Buddhas Weg

Pictures i took visiting the buddhistic cloister in Wald-Michelbach, Germany.
2012 january 
Panoramas Sri Lanka

Over 20 hours of travel away from my home: Tangalle, Sri Lanka. Very friendly people, great Nature and best weather :-)
2011 august 
Panoramas Czech Republic

2011 january 
South Goa

Pictures of a nice trip to very touristic yet natural enough South Goa, India.
Panoramas Darmstadt

I'm living directly with view onto the famous Waldspirale :-)
2009 october 

We were in switzerland (lake brienz). While denise did yoga, i tried to catch the beautiful views with gigabytes.
2009 april 
Botanischer Garten, Darmstadt

The botanical garden in darmstadt is phantastically. It's open to the public, but not well known. Cared for by the biological institute (part of the university) it is a great mixture of useful and beautiful plants, flowers, trees and more.
2009 march 
Panoramas Bad Nauheimer Strasse

Taken arround my new flat.
2009 january 
Panoramas Czech

Interesting Panoramas of Czech near the border to Poland.
2008 december 
Panoramas Pustiny

Visiting my relatives i took these panoramas in Pustiny near Tanvald, Czech. This is were i had many holidays as a child and i only have best memories of the great nature.
Panoramas Woods

While talking walks in the woods near my parents home, i experimented with these views.
Panoramas Mathildenhöhe

I took the following panorama pictures on the great Jugendstil hill-area of Darmstadt, the Mathildenhöhe.
Panoramas Ludwigshöhe

A huge view of Darmstadt, Eberstadt, Pfungstadt and even Frankfurt as seen from the Ludwigshöhe.
Panoramas Living

These are views of my latest "homes".
Panoramas Diverse

Diverse panoramas i shot in 2008.
2007 april 
Panoramas England

While at holidays near Birmingham i took those and many more.
Panoramas Riedeselstrasse

Took these views from the two balconies of our old flat in Riedeselstrasse, Darmstadt.
Panoramas Felsenmeer

Great views of Felsenmeer (Stone-sea) which is located at the Bergstrasse, near Heidelberg.
Diverse Panoramas

A wild bunch of early panoramas i made with different cameras.
2000 october 
Panoramas New York

Panorama taken at a short visit in New York.

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